To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

End mandatory minimum sentencing for MDMA, LSD and Marijuana

End harsh, cruel, and unreasonable Federal mandatory minimum prison sentences for possession of small quantities of controlled substances like MDMA, LSD and Marijuana.

Why is this important?

A friend's son was convicted Nov. 1, 2012 on a first offense possession and conspiracy to distribute LSD and MDMA charge. The mandatory minimum sentence for this crime is 10 prison! He could be sentenced to as much as LIFE in prison. He is a sweet, young, community-oriented, spiritually engaged man. He is non-violent and has never hurt anyone. He did not name names and so he is being sent to prison. He will be sentenced in Jan 2013. HELP please.
Mandatory minimum sentencing laws require harsh, automatic prison terms for those convicted of certain crimes, most often drug offenses. Congress enacted mandatory minimums for drugs in 1986 and toughened them in 1988 to apply to drug conspiracies. The sentence is determined solely by the weight and type of drug.