To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

End support for GMO crops, and label all GMO foods

Tell your congressperson you want all GMO foods labeled, all test plots revealed and enclosed so cross-pollination cannot happen, and all GMO food distribution halted until thorough research is done on all health effects from eating GMO foods.

Why is this important?

Monsanto has launched lawsuits for years against Canadian and US farmers, and winning, when their GMO pollen drifts onto an organic/nonGMO farm--saying the organic/nonGMO farmer stole their patent--calling it patent infringement. These legal actions are insane, and dangerous, and destroying and scaring small farmers. Monsanto is infecting organic farms, which could end all organics, and change organic standards to include virus and bacteria DNA which are in GMOs. Monsanto is supported by the US presidency, regulatory agencies, and courts, and is aggressively courting the same power structures in Europe. They are threatening to turn all of the world's food supply into GMOs.