To: Catherine McCabe, DEP Commissioner, The New Jersey State House, The New Jersey State Senate, and Governor Phil Murphy

End the New Jersey Bear Hunt

To enact and embrace non lethal bear management so humans and bears can coexist peacefully in New Jersey.

Why is this important?

The NJ BEAR Group and our coalition of supporters asks Governor Murphy to honor his sacred promise and put a moratorium on the New Jersey bear hunt. We also ask our NJ legislature to enact and embrace bear smart legislation (for example Pedals Law). This legislation includes educating residents on ways to peacefully coexist with black bears. Containment of artificial food sources like garbage and bird feeders is key. Hunters are allowed to bait and shoot all bears including mothers and cubs with human food including doughnuts. Bows and arrows are allowed. This is cruel as this weapon has about a 50% wounding rate.
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