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Enough is Enough-Send Our Family Members Home !

The Fair Sentencing Act (H.R. 2316) is very important, because it will allow the courts to reduce a sentence where the prisoner was convicted for crack cocaine without any restrictions, even to the point of immediate release. Please support H.R. 2316.

A perfect example is the Hall Brothers case. They were sentenced in 1993 and have been incarcerated for 19 years. Non-violent first time offenders, these men could be immediately released by passing H.R. 2316. There are many, many non-violent men and women locked behind prison walls sentenced to long, hard, cruel sentences. These men and women have paid their debts to society and have changed their lives and the lives of others. Congress and the sentencing commission agreed and changed the laws concerning the punishment for crack cocaine sentencing. But this did not apply to those with mandatory sentences. Please help us to make the new law fair to all those who have been convicted in crack cocaine cases.

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Why is this important?

Help Make This Bill into a Law, Change the Mandatory Sentencing Laws