To: Tremper High School

Equal Rights at School

Prom King Candidacy and Bathroom Rights.

Why is this important?

I am trying to run for Prom King at my school, but am unable to due to my school's resistance and insistent discrimination against my transgender identity (FtM). In addition to this, I am unable to use the male restroom or receive respectful identification from said administration.


I am allowed to run for prom king, as well as other trans students being allowed to run as what they identify as! This is most definitely a victory, but the battle is only half completed. My school still refuses to respect and acknowledge my gender identity in respect to restroom usage. Please sign this petition and help support my cause!


Reasons for signing

  • GOOD LUCK!!! Really hope you win.
  • I am so happy someone like you is standing up against society. I am bullied a lot for my choices and have switched schools because it got to be too much. i am signing this petition with hopes that you will succeed, not only with this, but with life as well. At my new school I have an research english project over social issues and would love to get some quotes from you to go towards my papers. I really hope everything goes well.
  • Good luck Ash!

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