To: Bill Montgomery, Maricopa County Attorney, Tom Horne, Arizona Attorney General, Susan N. Herman, President, ACLU, Alessandra Soler, Executive Director, ACLU Arizona, and Governor Doug Ducey

WE Support Equality for Women in Spiritual Authority

Dear Mr. Montgomery,
It is your sworn duty to uphold the separation of church and state, freedom of religion, and free speech as dictated by the Arizona and U.S. constitutions. The Phoenix Goddess Temple, an outreach ministry of the ONAC Mother Medicine Wheel provides a well-received ministry to thousands of citizens interested in Sacred Feminine wisdom, Whole Body Healing, and Tantra energy guidance. The September 7, 2011 unlawful raids and closure of these Arizona temple schools sets a dangerous legal precedent that leaves the public without access to hands-on, wholesome sex education and full spectrum energy healing. Drop the criminal case against these ordained practitioners NOW and restore this much-needed women's-values ministry to our community and to our nation.

Why is this important?

Please, take a stand for the right to worship the Creator through the Holy Body: our gift from the Mother. Everyone deserves:

A Free body. * No one controls your physical self.
Free Speech * No one forces their words into your story.
Free In Personal Energy * No one dominates your life force.
Freedom * To worship and study "God as Mother"

No one should be able to dictate your studies, worship or private ceremony between consenting adults, yet dozens of ordained ministers face years in prison for the practice of Tantra. Public funds have been wasted while hundreds of real sex crimes go un-investigated. Let's SUPPORT our Priestesses, Healers, Shamans & Body Wisdom Guides, thank you for signing!