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To: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Expand and protect abortion access at all costs!

Access to safe, legal abortion is access to vital health care—and we need to ensure accessible, high-quality health care for everyone in America.

Scientific studies have found that people who self-manage using pills with accurate information are able to do so safely and effectively. With the threat of Roe being overturned, now is the time to codify abortion access into law, and expand options for abortion care.

Why is this important?

Health care is a human right. Abortion is health care, and abortion needs to remain LEGAL.

The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022, and now abortion access is dictated by states, which means that abortion access across the country for millions of people is essentially nonexistent. Now is the time for urgency and education on what resources are available for people if they need to safely self-manage an abortion at home.

For more than 20 years, medical advances have come forward to revolutionize how people experience abortion. We’re aggressive proponents of people being able to have an abortion on their own terms—without interference from the government, whether they seek that care from a provider at a clinic or self-manage at home.

Right now, anti-abortion politicians are impeding progress by trying to prevent anyone from being able to have a safe, effective, and affordable abortion. But we cannot let people in power continue to ban abortions and criminalize people who exercise their right to choose.

 Abortion by mail can significantly reduce the harm done by right-wing, anti-choice legislation, but people need to know about this avenue. Acquiring and using pills may carry legal risk, especially for marginalized people; you can check if it's legal in your state here:

The Biden administration has recently taken steps to make it easier to acquire abortion medication from retail pharmacies and for the Postal Service to deliver pills nationwide. We need to build on this progress and ensure that anyone who chooses this option to end their pregnancy can do so safely, effectively, and privately—on their own terms. It’s crucial that we create a world where every person is free from stigma and shame, and protect access to safe abortion for all.



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