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To: President Biden and Congress

Expand the Child Tax Credit NOW!

Congress must take action immediately to expand the Child Tax Credit to lift millions of children out of poverty and make life easier for working-class families struggling with increased costs of living.

Why is this important?

The Child Tax Credit (CTC), a cash assistance program for working families, has been one of the most effective policies for helping families meet their most basic needs like food, housing, and child care. In 2021 alone, the CTC cut child poverty nearly in half. But since it expired, millions of children have been thrown back into poverty.

Earlier this year, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed bipartisan legislation to expand the Child Tax Credit, which would help 16 million children and their families deal with rising costs and boost local economies. But it's currently stuck in the Senate, so we need to do everything we can to demand they pass it as soon as possible!

A majority of voters support the Child Tax Credit because it's good for families, our communities, and the economy. The CTC has proven to keep kids fed and safe at home, help parents with everyday expenses like utilities, groceries, and rent, and assist parents in paying for child care.

Sign the petition to demand that the Senate swiftly pass the Child Tax Credit expansion so families can get the urgent support that they need right now.



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