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To: Governor Kate Brown

Extend the eviction moratorium in Oregon

Extend the eviction moratorium in Oregon

Tell Governor Kate Brown that we need to protect at-risk and struggling families in Oregon by extending the eviction moratorium in Oregon.

Why is this important?

Portland’s housing crisis is in uncharted territory

A new study predicts a national homelessness spike due to COVID-19 and forecasts a 40 to 45 percent rise in homelessness.

Affordable housing and support services are falling far short of demand. And, as a surge of evictions looms, the worst is yet to come.

Reasons for signing

  • Rent prices are otta of control and with covid 19 and people not being able to work the Gove should figure something out
  • It's the right and moral thing to do.
  • Even though I'm in a unique situation that doesn't apply to anyone else (I was renting my apt without a lease because I moved in at 17 from my mom and she has decided to kick me out since I was unable to pay rent for a couple months and moratorium doesn't include renters without leases) I can sympathize and hope others would do the same.


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