To: President Donald Trump, The Florida State House, The Florida State Senate, Governor Ron DeSantis, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate


THIS here is for kidnapping of one TYRONE FIELD in state of Florida,HERE it is this man was kidnapped and thrown in state of FLORIDA prison and given a 15 year prison sentence by state of Florida and never seen a judge at all,his crime was burgulary and demostic of his own home ,this man was taking care of his elderly parents and they,FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION,STATE OF FLORIDA,just came and picked this man up and threw him in prison when his sentence was up,now state of FLORIDA need set record straight -GOV,OFFICE AS WELL AS STATEOF FLORIDA need to set this straight as they have other cases and not throw it under rugg...sign this please for compersation for this man and justice,,,he was done wrong and it was covered up by state of flordia and flordia department of correction..

Why is this important?

THIS is about kidnapping of one TYRONE FIELD ,put in prison and given whole new sentence of 15 years while in prison without seeing a judge or going to court,his crime burgulary of his own home ,this man was takeing care of his elderly parents when state of FLORIDA issued a fake warrent for his arrest and had him picked up and thrown in prison for 15 years,now while in prison in state of FLORIDA ,this man followed all steps to there rules and was given no reason as to why he was put in prison and was hiden from site of public,family ,loved ones,for 2 long years this man fought to get his freedoom and let truth be told and state of FLORIDA and DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION covered his cry for justice up and kept him hiden in there system,it wasnt until laywer his family hired and newspaper got hold of his story that this man was set free and then there was no one saying we sorry or taking blame for wrong done to this man,this could be anyone of us,by signing this it will help others as to be aware of mistreatment and right to due process of law that was taking away from this man,AWARENESS,,,