To: The Mississippi State House, The Mississippi State Senate, and Governor Phil Bryant

Family Visits in MS

Family visits are important to everyone involved, not just the inmates. It is about more than what the average person may think!

Why is this important?

Family visits, or conjugal visits, have been a part of this state's prison system for years until recently. These visits have been proven to help the inmates keep family ties strong while being a part of the system. Being able to visit with their wives and children without having to worry about others watching their every move, or even just lying in the same bed as their significant other can mean the world to anyone that is involved. Please help bring these visits back into the system!


Reasons for signing

  • Family time is very important and a husband and wife should have that time also lets change this armed robbery law mandatory time that's ludicrous when someone can murder an individual and get out quicker that's dumb
  • If the inmates is allowed to have conjugal visit it would be less stress on the inmate and his or her spouse.
  • Bring family visits back