To: Fargo Forum, Owner/Editor

Fargo Forum END your ban on same-sex marriage announcements NOW!

Please join me in asking the Fargo Forum to end the ban on same-sex marriage announcements now!

Why is this important?

The Fargo Forum newspaper has a ban on same-sex marriage announcements, and they need to end that ban now!

There is no place in North Dakota or anywhere else in our country to encourage bigotry against any group of our citizens. We in NoDak are not people who hate or want to destroy the lives of our neighbors, friends, and family.

A ban on celebrating the beauty of a loving, life-long relationship is never the correct thing to do, whether you agree with that relationship or not. A customer is a customer, everyone has a right to their personal views, but no right to push them on others in their community.

To keep the community from the knowledge of an extremely happy event they may want to celebrate is not a value we should encourage. Having a "news" outlet in a small area gives that outlet quite a bit of power, and using that power to damage others needs to be something we all need to reject.