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Father's Day Message for President Obama: Reject Keystone 'Tar Sands' Pipeline

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Dear President Obama,

Father's Day represents a celebration of our cherished obligation to protect our children, and to help prepare them for happy, healthy and fulfilling lives into the future.

We, the undersigned fathers of children across America, believe that increasing our nation's dependence on fossil-fuel tar sands oil, from any source, runs completely counter to this most sacred of obligations.

We urge you to take the meaning of Father's Day to heart - both as our President and as a beloved father yourself - and REJECT THE KEYSTONE "TAR SANDS" PIPELINE.

Why is this important?

The proposed Keystone XL Pipeline will, if approved, introduce massive new Carbon emissions into the atmosphere (as well other highly toxic chemicals) through the extraction, production and use of 'tar sands oil' - one of the dirtiest greenhouse gas intensive fuels on the planet.

The scientific community has given ample warning. And just last month, global CO2 levels reached 400 particles per million - a level 'never before seen by humans' (see references, below) - concurrent with continued record-setting weather extremes across the United States and around the world.

Approving this massive new greenhouse-gas project would be a huge historical folly - contrary to scientific warning, contrary to the President's pledge to 'protect us from the effects climate change' and, certainly, run counter to the President's own obligation as a father. This is our message to President Obama on this Father's Day.

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