To: James Comey, FBI Director

FBI Director Comey Must Resign

Common Defense PAC

By recklessly interfering in the election, FBI Director James Comey has undermined the credibility of the FBI and is unfit to continue to serve. He must immediately resign.

Why is this important?

Our country depends upon agencies like the FBI to enforce the law and keep our country safe. Picking sides in a presidential election is absolutely unacceptable, and undermines not only the judicial system, but the credibility of our democracy. Our law enforcement officers must never allow themselves to be used for partisan attacks.

FBI Director James Comey broke faith with the American people when he did just that. Despite an utter lack of new evidence related to any wrongdoing, Comey released a letter to Congress reigniting partisan attacks against Hillary Clinton just days before the election. It was clear from the beginning that this letter could influence the outcome on November 8th, a fact which Comey must have known, making his decision to violate long-standing DOJ policy all the more unacceptable.

On Sunday, two days before the election, Comey released a second letter revealing that no new evidence had emerged and therefore his conclusions were unchanged from July - essentially admitting that his first letter was baseless. Now it's time for him to write a third letter announcing his resignation.

Like the FBI, the military is expected to stay neutral in democratic elections. Veterans like me know that to take sides on partisan issues while actively serving is not just a violation of our oaths, it is an abuse of power.

James Comey cannot continue serving as FBI Director, and regardless of the outcome of the presidential election, his continued presence in the job will hurt the credibility of the FBI and its relationship with the next President. In this volatile political time, we cannot allow our law enforcement agencies to become partisan tools.

Please join me in calling on Director Comey to step down now.

Perry O’Brien,
OEF Veteran
Common Defense