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FERC, Don’t Let Williams Destroy an Historic Chestnut Wood Barn for Its Pipeline

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With your help, Williams Partners condemned a property in Dallas, PA that has on it a 100-year old barn built of endangered chestnut wood. The landowner doesn’t want to see his barn come down, but eminent domain has robbed him of his ability to keep it. His best option seemed to be donating the rare wood to a local nonprofit called Hillside Farms so that it can be used to repair building on its property. Turns out, that’s not an option either. Williams technically owns the barn and won’t allow it. FERC, stop Williams from destroying the barn and its valuable wood just so it can build its Atlantic Sunrise pipeline.

Why is this important?

My friend Scott Cannon is a videographer and pipeline fighter. He just contacted me to tell me the outrageous story of a dentist in Dallas, PA whose property Williams took by eminent domain to build its unnecessary Atlantic Sunrise pipeline. On the condemned portion of the property sits a 100-year old barn. Williams plans to destroy it. We all know pipeline companies have no respect for private property, but stories like this remind us that they have no respect for history either. If he can’t have his barn, then the landowner would like to donate the wood to a local nonprofit farm called Hillside Farms so that it can have a second life repairing buildings on that property. But, thanks to eminent domain, Williams technically owns the barn and won’t allow it.

Scott has made a video about this outrageous situation. Here's the link:

Please sign my petition we’ll deliver to FERC and Williams to tell them to donate the wood to Hillside Farms for much-needed repairs.


Reasons for signing

  • This kind of thing just shows you what kind of human scum these oil and gas people are.
  • Please don't let this pipeline ruin our little corner of the world.

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