To: Tom Changnon, Superintendent

fire Mrs. Lewis

Make Walnut Elementary a safe place for students.

Why is this important?

Mrs. Lewis is incapable of providing a safe environment for the children in her kindergarten class. On Wednesday, January 29th my son went on a field trip with his class to Stockton to watch a play. At the end of the trip, she lost my son and his friend for a short period of time. While they were lost, they were almost hit by a car. Luckily for them and us, the bus driver happened to see them and get them to the bus safely. This is not the first time she loses a child. While teaching at Osborn Elementary, she lost one of her students. Her students are not safe under her care, she will not take accountability for her irresponsibility. After she found both children who were visibly frightened, she proceeded to yell at them. We have not received an apology from her or Walnut Elementary.