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To: Daniel J. Schmidt, President & CEO, WTTW and WTTW, board of trustees

Fire Phil Ponce from Chicago Tonight & WTTW

We request WTTW terminate Phil Ponce & hire a host who is both more ethical and able to fulfill his duties without allowing his personal partisanship to cloud his judgment.

Why is this important?

Phil Ponce's question to Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia during the March 31, 2015 debate with Mayor Rahm Emanuel was disrespectful. It did not speak to Garcia's vision for Chicago or his fitness for public office.

Based on Mayor Emanuel's response, the question looked like a set-up. It allowed negative information to be conveyed to the audience & then make Emanuel look like he was taking the high road.

Ponce did not ask about the issues connected to Emanuel's son.

Ponce's personal politics are not a secret. He's a Right leaning authoritarian.

Chicago tonight should hire a host that better fits Chicago. And losing one's job is a consequence of doing one's job unethically.


Reasons for signing

  • In no way should this individual host a Mayoral Debate in our City ever again. WTTW has a responsibility to uphold here and they know it . Carol Marin is amply qualified to take on the role as moderator. Please don't make the same mistake again. Sincerely D. Craig
  • We need someone unbiased
  • Phil Ponce is a horrible journalist with bias views.