To: Mike Brown, Chief of Salt Lake City Police

Fire Salt Lake Detective Jeff Payne

Salt Lake City Police Dept. Det. Jeff Payne does not have the integrity to wear your uniform. Nurse Alex Wubbels was doing her job, he violated her rights, while also trying to violate the rights of Nurse Wubbels' unconscious patient. Serve your citizens and fire Det. Jeff Payne.

Why is this important?

We all by now have seen the video of Det. Jeff Payne placing Nurse Wubbels in handcuffs for doing her job. He was not doing his. He was in fact violating the oath he took after graduating the police academy. He violated her civil rights. He was attempting to violate the civil rights of an unconscious patient. For these egregious offenses WOW he was put on paid administrative leave. *Vox reports that he's only been suspended from the phlebotomy unit, he's still working cases. Not Acceptable!
Not good enough any longer. Not good enough for Salt Lake City, New York City, or the city of Baltimore, not good enough for the United States. It is time that police officers are forced to do their duties not just to protect the citizens but to serve them too. The National Fraternal Order of Police won't stop it. It's up to MoveOn members to do it.