To: The Minnesota State House and The Minnesota State Senate

Fix the Electoral College: Support the National Popular Vote bill!

A mere 12 closely divided “battleground” states received all of the 253 general-election campaign events in the 2012 campaign. Colorado (which is smaller than Minnesota) received 23 events, while Minnesota received only one (a visit from Republican vice- presidential candidate Paul Ryan). Wisconsin (which is the same size as Minnesota) received 18 events.

But under a national popular vote, every voter in every state would matter in every presidential election. A vote in Minnesota (from a Republican, Democrat, or independent) would be just as valuable as a vote in a closely divided state such as Iowa, Colorado, Nevada, Ohio, or Florida.

Tell Minnesota state legislators to join states like New York in supporting the National Popular Vote bill (HF 799 / SF 585) now!

Why is this important?

Minnesota could be on the verge of joining New York in passing the National Popular Vote bill this year, finally giving each citizen an equal vote in our nation's presidential elections.


Reasons for signing

  • We need this before the 2020 elections!
  • Time to fix the Electoral College.

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