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To: The Florida State House and The Florida State Senate

Florida Legislature: Do your job & draw fair districts now

New districts drawn via court order.

We are voters, and we are watching. Millions of Florida taxpayer dollars wasted so far on gerrymandering, as you protect your own jobs rather than giving Floridians a fair choice. "The voters should choose their representatives, not the other way around."

We are paying attention, and we ask you to hold a fair and open process. If you can't agree on a map, and your maps aren't fair, we will hold you accountable in your next election.

Why is this important?

UPDATE 3/14/16:

The Florida legislature adjourned last week WITHOUT taking action on an independent redistricting commission. They have failed the people of Florida yet again.


Over 11 million of our taxpayer dollars (and counting!) spent on the Florida redistricting disaster. The Supreme Court found the GOP-led legislature designed the Congressional districts illegally. Then the legislature held a special session, wasted EVEN MORE money and time, and failed AGAIN to do their jobs and come up with a solution. Now the courts have to take over.

Update 11-5-15:

The legislature failed (AGAIN), and redrawing the Senate districts will be up to the courts. Just like the Congressional districts. We need a better way. As Sen. Clemens put it, "The Legislature is incapable of drawing its own maps that don’t have political intent". Call for an independent commission to draw fair districts now.

Update 10-26-15:

The Senate is digging in, and in the process of approving maps that the courts will have to throw out AGAIN. Please contact your legislators now and tell them to stop wasting time and our money, and draw fair maps.

Update 10-23-15:

The Florida legislature has been back in action this week (on the Senate districts this time). Instead of doing their jobs, they're working on protecting their jobs. Senator Bill Galvano, in charge of redistricting said, "the members who have been elected... have a right to those seats". Don't those seats belong to the people of Florida?




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