To: The Florida State House and Governor Ron DeSantis

Florida Medicaid Expansion

Tell Florida legislators to reverse their decision and accept $51 billion in Federal Funding for Medicaid Expansion. If the Republican legislators truly believe in a “safety net” as they allege, then they must vote “Yes” for Medicaid expansion.

Why is this important?

Florida's Legislature rejected Medicaid expansion and the accompanying 51 billion federal dollars that would have provided healthcare to nearly 1 million Floridians. Several studies provide estimates that the Medicaid expansion would add more than $2 billion to the Florida economy annually and add over 55,000 new private sector jobs. Leaving 100% of the federal funding on the table to be sent to other states is a mis-representation of the citizens of Florida whose tax dollars will be sent to other states.


Reasons for signing

  • To provide healthcare to those in need.
  • My daughter and I have personally suffered from not having proper insurance and Medicaid not being expanded to us in the state of Florida. My daughter walked around with a dislocated shoulder and Bone bruise for months until we begged to get insurance temporarily for Medicaid. Still receiving medical bills. I have suffered from major depression panic attacks and prescription drug being over $300 a month in order to just get out of my bed. I have not been able to work for more than 2 years due...
  • Expand Medicaid

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