To: President Donald Trump, The Florida State House, The Florida State Senate, Governor Ron DeSantis, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Florida Prescription Shortage


Why is this important?

There is a major shortage of narcotic pain pills in Florida due to multiple excuses being told to patients! I have advanced stage Breast Cancer with 14 herniated disc, a crushed sciatic nerve and fibromyalgia and reoccurring Shingle outbreaks due to previous cancer treatment and I have already had to have my script changed due to one script becoming obsolete and now my current med is going through a statewide shortage. Patients with true conditions should not have to live in pain or not have access to their pain meds for days due to those number of people who may abuse the medication. No one should have to live in pain such as cancer or bone pain, AIDS, etc......


Reasons for signing

  • have property in florida,family and born there want to retire there but, need pain meds to manage this could keep people from moving to florida
  • I do not need the government to interfere with my own treatment. I am a mature adult with a medical license. The DEA needs to get out of our lives. Treat the abusers with medical treatment not as criminals
  • Chronic Pain patients shouldn't be made to feel like criminals but they are. Even worse they shouldn't be treated like criminals but they are. This nation has made the chronically ill pain patient with incurable pain disease into the scapegoat for the Nations drug abuse addiction & over dose problems that were long standing & will only continue to be a problem as everyone blindly blames innocent pain patients for the actions of street drug abusers. As long as you use a pain patients as the sc...

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