To: The Florida State House, The Florida State Senate, and Governor Ron DeSantis

Floridians – Tell Gov. Scott and State Legislators that you oppose guns on college campuses

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I oppose HB 4005/SB176 (and similar legislation), which would allow the carrying of loaded, concealed handguns anywhere on Florida’s public university and community college campuses, including classrooms, libraries, cafeterias, dormitories, and sports arenas.

Florida's higher education officials are most qualified to determine the safety requirements for their campuses, including restricting guns only to certified law enforcement officers.

Allowing non-law enforcement personnel to carry loaded, concealed handguns on campus will only create an unsafe and volatile environment for all Floridians.

Why is this important?

UPDATE: 4/29/15


On April 28th, the Florida House adjourned without taking up HB 4005, which means that guns on campus legislation has been defeated in Florida.

Thanks to all the Floridians who signed our petition taking action against this wrong-headed policy. Your voices were heard.

We expect this legislation to come back next year so stay tuned.

Thanks for all you do,

The Campaign to Keep Guns off Campus


Reasons for signing

  • More law enforcement, vets, ex cops
  • I'm against free access to guns. When the constitution said right to bear arms it meant concert five minutes to load, not five minutes to kill over 100 people. Stop letting innocents die
  • Guns just need to be flat out banned!!!

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