To: Alcoholics Anonymous Headquarters-Phyllis Halliday, General Manager-President

Force Alcoholics Anonymous Headquarters To Require All Meetings to have Sexual Harassment Safety ...

Judges are sentencing 3rd Level Sex Offenders and Violent Criminals as part of their plea bargains to AA meetings unknown to current AA members and the Public at large. There is a rampant problem with Sexual harassment, Battery and rape being covered up in AA, it's culture, and by the AA Community and the press.

Why is this important?

Mandate The Reading of Safety Literature before every meeting that states: No members should be sexual or financially harassed in any way. Make it policy from the top down to all meetings that there be a safety Poster on every wall in all meeting halls and that literature stating that there is a zero tolerance policy in regards to Sexual Harassment and Battery in all AA meetings, in line with all existing current state and federal laws.