To: Honolulu City Council

Fossil fuel-free Honolulu

The City and County of Honolulu should ban all new fossil fuel infrastructure, and move to 100% clean renewable energy for all by 2030.

Why is this important?

Hawaii and the world can't take a gradual approach to climate change. You've seen what it's doing to our weather, our beaches, our coral reefs. This resolution will strengthen Hawaii's various commitments to lead the nation in adopting clean energy, and hasten our progress toward those goals.


Reasons for signing

  • Need to shut down coal burning power plant immediately. No reason not to be fossil Free in Hi. The sooner the better
  • #motherearth
  • More state incentives for wind and solar. Make Hawaii a Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) State then we can get the cars available on the mainland. There are no public EV chargers on the southern drive Hilo-Kona. Thats a three hour drive! (no charge available at Volcanoes Park either)

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