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To: Mayor Tettemer and PCB City Council

Frank Brown Pickleball Courts

Mayor, City Council

We are writing to formally request the construction of pickleball courts at Frank Brown Park. Pickleball has experienced unprecedented growth, becoming the fastest-growing sport in the United States for the past three years. With 36.5 million players and a remarkable 223.5% growth over the last three years, the sport shows no signs of slowing down, boasting a projected growth rate of 7.7% through 2028.

Frank Brown Park is a beloved community hub that provides diverse recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike. However, the current lack of pickleball courts is a significant oversight given the sport's popularity. Constructing pickleball courts would not only cater to the growing community of pickleball enthusiasts but also attract tournaments and events that can bring economic benefits to our area.

The sport’s popularity spans all age groups, promoting physical fitness, social interaction, and a sense of community. As more people discover the joys of pickleball, having adequate facilities becomes crucial to accommodate both casual players and competitive athletes.

We urge you to consider this request seriously and invest in the future of our community by constructing pickleball facilities at Frank Brown Park. Your support will contribute to enhancing the quality of life for our residents and maintaining our park’s reputation as a premier recreational destination.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


PCB Pickleball Community

Why is this important?

We encourage others to join us in advocating for the construction of pickleball courts at Frank Brown Park. By supporting this initiative, we can alleviate the congestion currently experienced at local courts, ensuring that players in Panama City Beach and the surrounding area have ample opportunities to enjoy the sport. Additionally, having more courts will enable our community to host higher-level tournaments, attracting players and visitors from across the region and boosting our local economy. Your support is crucial in making this vision a reality, enhancing our recreational facilities and promoting the growth of pickleball in our area.



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