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To: Governor Ron DeSantis

Fred Christian Request that the State of Florida Reconsider Its Refusal to Expand Medicaid to Low...

There are over 1 million Floridians currently without health insurance! They face heath risks and shortened lives needlessly! We Must #ExpandMedicaidNow

Why is this important?

I am a Now 50 year-old Florida resident who never has had health insurance in my adult lifetime ! I am one of over one million Florida residents who need a little help from my State! Our lives could be shortened by illnesses that could have been prevented with access to medical services that would potentially keep us alive and healthy! For example I am an asthmatic and access to medical services would help people like me greatly ! I began this 7 years ago and We Must Fix it



2020-06-28 00:12:44 -0400

NOW it is 2020 and Florida Still Refuses to Expand Medicaid