To: Governor Ralph Northam

Please Free an Innocent Man, DUSTIN TURNER,Governor Ralph S Northam while you still can!

The man who murdered Jennifer Evans has confessed to the crime and that Dustin Turner did not plot to kill her. This case was based completely on circumstantial evidence.

Why is this important?

The man that murdered Jennifer Evans is Billy Joe Brown. Dustin Turner made some very poor decisions that night when a killer was screaming at him to just drive, but he has now spent 24 years behind bars for his mistakes. It is time to set him FREE, the real killer is behind bars.


Reasons for signing

  • I believe he is innocent. It seemed to me that the prosecution formed their own scenario to try to fit the “ story “ of Brown who vindictively concocted his own story to punish Turner for telling the truth. And why did Turner get 10 more years than Brown? Why would Turner sit in a car with Jennifer with an evil intent knowing that her friends would be back shortly and also knew all his ID. He has served 4 x the punishment for a misdemeanor.
  • The judicial system is not about justice or finding the truth. It is about winning. Attorneys don't like to lose, especially prosecutors who have political aspirations. They will avoid looking for the truth to protect their won/loss record. I hope I never get charged with something I didn't do. The court system is broken.
  • I signed this petition because I heard Dustys story first hand. I was locked up with him at Southampton C. C. I have always believed his story. I feel for him. I wish the universe would make it right. I honestly thought he was released and just forgot about it. Tonight for some reason I seen a guy that looked like him and I though to look him up and to my surprise he’s still incarcerated. I don’t have much help to give other than spreading the word of his story.