To: Honorable George Zanic, President Judge, Huntington County, Court of Common Pleas

Free Ellen Gerhart

We, the undersigned, are appealing to you to free Ellen Gerhart, a retired Pennsylvania special education teacher, from the Centre County correctional facility. Energy Transfer Partners' claims about her are outlandish and unprovable.

Why is this important?

Ellen Gerhart, a retired special education teacher from Huntingdon County, PA, has been in jail since late Friday afternoon. Four officers arrived on her property to arrest her because Energy Transfer Partners filed a motion with the Court of Common Pleas, claiming that, among other things, she had baited mountain lions and bears to go to the easement for the company's Mariner East 2 pipeline. The land was taken from the Gerhart family by the company via eminent domain. It's the part of the property where a pond, streams, and wetlands are located. As a longtime forest steward, Ellen has gone to court, shared her story with media outlets across the globe, and engaged in non-violent direct action to protect the land and the water that means so much to her.
Ellen is refusing to talk to her jailors and is on a hunger strike. Please sign our petition calling on Judge Zanic to release her.