To: Arthur and Andrew Hertz, Owners, Miami Seaquarium, Tom Vilsack | USDA, Secretary of Agriculture - USDA, and Governor Ron DeSantis

Free Lolita the Orca

Lolita the Orca, or "Killer Whale", was taken from her pod (involving the murders of several of her family members) when she was a youngster in 1970. For the past 30 years, she has been held in captivity in an inadequate facility and forced to demean herself to survive.

The Miami Seaquarium facility is outdated and much too small. It needs to be shut down.

The pod of Orcas has been ruled to be endangered by the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Lolita came from this pod. If they are protected and unmolested in the wild due to their endangered status, Lolita should also be protected by this ruling.

This intelligent being needs to be rehabilitated and freed to rejoin the surviving members of her endangered family.

If the human race is graced with a future, someday we will look back on our capture and display of intelligent marine mammals with the same shame we now feel toward human slavery.

Why is this important?

Lolita the Orca, or "Killer Whale", is being held in captivity in inadequate facility for more than 30 years. She should be rehabilitated and set free.