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Free NC Refugee Kids

To President Barack Obama and Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson:

I am writing to call for the immediate release of Pedro Arturo Salmeron Salmeron (A# 206-794-982) and Walter Joel Aguilar Ramirez (A# 206-799-034) of Charlotte, Wildin David Guillen Acosta (A# 206-799-049) of Durham, Edwin Yonatan Alvarez Galvan (A#202-076-383) of Cary, Bilmer Araeli Pujoy Juarez (A# 202-129-863) of Greenville and Josue Alexander Soriano Cortez (A# 206-731-549) of Thomasville.

Pedro, Walter, Wildin, Edwin, Bilmer and Josue were the victims of ICE raids within the last three weeks. All four came to the United States fleeing gang and criminal violence.

Let us be clear, Pedro, Walter, Wildin, Edwin, Bilmer, and Josue have no previous criminal record. None.

If Pedro, Walter, Wildin, Edwin, Bilmer, and Josue are deported, this would go against our humanitarian principles and place their lives in grave danger.

According to DHS guidelines, Pedro, Walter, Wildin, Edwin, Bilmer and Josue are low priorities for deportation and should be granted favorable exercise of prosecutorial discretion. Please don't separate these youth from their families. I urge you to take action and release Pedro Arturo Salmeron Salmeron (A# 206-794-982), Walter Joel Aguilar Ramirez (A# 206-799-034), Wildin David Guillen Acosta (A# 206-799-049), Edwin Yonatan Alvarez Galvan (A#202-076-383), Bilmer Araeli Pujoy Juarez (A# 202-129-863) and Josue Alexander Soriano Cortez (A# 206-731-549) from detention and call on ICE to immediately stop their deportations.

Why is this important?

These are Central American refugee kids who need to be released to their families in the United States. They will be in danger if deported.


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  • Don't throw the children back into the violence that was created by OUR interference and corp greed! Shame on you! Make this right, correct your legacy!
  • First we overthrow democratically-elected governments and install vicious, corporation-friendly dictators. Our wealthy elites make a bundle from supplying the weapons used by these tin-pot proxies. Then they benefit doubly by investing in natural resource projects that ignore the rights, health and welfare of the newly subjected people of whatever country we have chosen to wreck. Then we persecute the refugees from the violence that our puppet henchmen have propagated on our behalf. Finally, ...