To: Eddy Hartenstein, Chairman and Jack Griffin, CEO

Free Our Los Angeles Times

The City and County of Los Angeles deserve a newspaper of record that, in the words of Austin Beutner, is its “civic conscience which holds accountable those with power, helps celebrate what is good in our community, and provides news and information to help us better understand and engage with the world around us.”

Our Los Angeles Times must continue to reengage the Southern California community by investing in high quality content, award winning journalism, and new technologies. It can no longer live with the “cost cutting to prosperity” strategy of its owner, the highly leveraged Chicago based Tribune Publishing Company.

To achieve the goal of a vibrant, engaged, and civic oriented LA Times, we call on Tribune Publishing Company and its major shareholders to spinoff our Los Angeles Times into a separate, locally controlled company and to reinstate Austin Beutner as Publisher.

Free Our Los Angeles Times.

Why is this important?

The people of Los Angeles need a high quality paper of record.