To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Free of corporate/private ownership!

Free up the Free Press: In order to re-establish the notion of a "free press" in the USA, we need to take ownership of our MainStreamMedia out of the hands of those who "pull the strings" behind the curtain of "corporate ownership"....and place the MSM in the holding/hands of "blind-trusts". Or continue to be spoon feed what has come to be called "fake news"! We desparately need access to the truth to be able to make informed decisions. And that is power that the current controllers refered to as the "power-elete" do not want us to have! Free up the Free Press!

Why is this important?

For our media outlets to ever be truly "free" they must be free of the shakles of those "owners" who influence what is and isn't told to the American people.
Move ownership of all corporate mass media news outlets into the holding hands of "blind-trusts" that are then not allowed to influence journalists freedoms to report the truth as they see it!


Reasons for signing

  • Never thought in my lifetime I'd need to sign a petition to get a free press.
  • Sure cure to demand--no political advertising funds be given to media. it is a form of bribery. In Canada and USA and UK--all major parties are not for the general public's interest. Another sure cure--no Israel firsters own media outlets--these folks are major cause of world problems (wars)
  • Good idea, but you are fighting the BIG MONEY people like Rupert Murdoch who are mostly conservative in their thinking. Dave