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To: Gavin Newsom

FREE Sean O'Brien

FREE Sean O'Brien

Commute the sentence of Sean O'Brien, wrongfully convicted in adult court at age 16 and sentenced to LWOP for a crime he had no involvement with. Sean was sentenced in 2004 to Life Without the possibility of Parole with NO physical evidence trying him to the crime for which he was convicted. Please bring him home immediately to the safety of his family so he can be have a chance to be safe from COVID19 and begin to live the life he deserves.

Why is this important?

Sean is in danger because of COVID19, he needs to he released immediately. He is no threat to society, has never been violent.
Sean has spent 17 long years in prison; that's over half his life! He was taken from his family at age 16, condemened to life in prison, and forced to grow up behind bars. In 2015, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in Sean's favor based on Ineffective Assistance of Counsel, stating that his evidence makes it impossible for him to have been at the crime for which he was convicted. In January 2017, Sean proved his innocence in Federal Court at his Evidentiary Hearing; including the fact that the state's key witness lied under oath at Sean's trial.
The State of California has nothing to dispute the evidence Sean has proving his innocence. Yet, he is still behind bars. He has been waiting over 3 years for a ruling on his case. And there is no end in sight.

Sean is a hard working college student with a 4.0 GPA, two classes away from obtaining his Associates degree. He made the 2018 Bakersfield College Dean's list and was accepted into Project Rebound at Sacramento State University so he can continue his education upon re-entry. He is actively involved in many positive programs and is Chairman of the Men's Advisory Council. He tutors and mentors other inmates and was recommended for resentencing by California Department of Corrections in 2019. He has hundreds of letters of recommendation from officers, college professors, prison staff, advocacy groups, and family. He has remained disciplinary free for 17 years and he had no priors.

Please visit our website for more information. Thank you!

How it will be delivered

We will mail it to Governor Newsom to include in his commutation packet and ask for his immediate release to be safe from COVID19!

Reasons for signing

  • He doesnt deserve this. Free sea
  • Because I truly believe our system has failed this young man and he needs to be released to build his life. This has slipped thru the cracks too many times.
  • I have known of this travesty from the beginning. I have never been able to understand why the factual evidence was not initially allowed or considered. This young man deserves to come home.


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