To: Bernie Sanders

Fund exit poll for California

The corporate media has decided to stop performing exits polls on the remaining state primaries, removing the only means for determining how much vote rigging might be occurring. We ask Bernie Sanders and his campaign staff to commit to financing a transparent exit poll for California, and to set up a fund raising account for this specific purpose, to ensure that the public has some means of verifying the accuracy of the election result for this crucial state with the largest delegate count in the US.

Why is this important?

The exit polls which have been conducted thus far in most states have indicated a wide spread pattern of deviations between the raw exit poll numbers and the official vote count - in many cases showing a deviation of ten to fifteen percent or even more - which is a red flag indicating that the vote count has been rigged. Because the scanners used to count paper ballots in the US use a "fractionalized" vote counting program (which counts each vote as 100/100ths rather than simply 1) that serves no conceivable purpose other than rigging the vote count in a way that cannot be detected after the fact (except by exit polls!), we know that the means exist for a single individual to hack the vote count in order to produce any desired outcome with a set number of voters.


Reasons for signing

  • Who's against cal exit? No californian shall be against cal exit!
  • Calexit now!
  • I agree we need to exit the United States