To: Philadelphia City Council Members

Fund Philly Community Schools and Pre-K expansion

Please support the proposals to implement a Community Schools strategy, expand quality Pre-K, and rebuild parks and recreation centers to provide more opportunities and places for children in the proposed Philadelphia budget. A tax on sugary beverages seems like a reasonable option to pay for these important initiatives.

Why is this important?

Mayor Kenney has proposed important initiatives that will directly benefit the education of children in Philadelphia, which will have broader benefits to society. Community schools can help to meet the comprehensive needs that children have - from social, emotional and health needs, to extended and enhanced learning, such as extended learning time and quality Pre-K. There are economic and social benefits when we improve conditions for children. Resource equity matters too - and for that, you need to make investments. Mayor Kenney's proposed tax on sugary drinks is a reasonable way to fund these programs that can have a real impact on quality of life and learning conditions.