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To: President Brian O. Hemphill

Game Day Parking- ODU STUDENTS

As ODU students— those who are on campus and commuters, we deserve to be able to be priority for parking. We are paying for daily, monthly, weekly, and semester passes in order to keep our cars from getting ticketed and towed. However, it’s not fair that we have to move our cars to make room for campus visitors during home game days. We as students already have limited parking access that puts our vehicles at risk by the city of Norfolk and Old Dominion itself. As a fellow student, I ask that some arrangements be made to better accommodate those who attend Old Dominion University. We, as young adults, do not have the extra funds to constantly pay $100 citations on top of parking passes. Some students do not have family to help with these financial difficulties, making it a burden on us when we are presented with such a situation. There is available parking by Rogers, Whitehurst/Powhatan that could be used on game days instead of the parking garages where students can park without violation. With these closed off, it makes it more inconvenient for the students than it does the visitors that will only be on the campus for a few hours at a time.

Why is this important?

This would mean much to the students because we will be able to see that we are being heard and cared for. We should be able to park our cars freely in the granted areas without having to make room for visitors. When our cars are being towed, some of them end up in a tow yard where we’d have to pay the tow yard’s fee in addition to the $100 ODU citation. This can easily make someone spend $180-$200 out of pocket just to gain their car back. Again, making it unfair to the students that attend the university. If you are a student that has gone through this, as I, you should join my petition by simply signing.



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