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To: George Santos

George Santos Must Resign or Be Expelled

Campaign created by
Anne Wolfson

You have grossly lied your way into office. Respect the people of your district and resign now.

Why is this important?

George Santos built his campaign on a series of outrageous and offensive lies, deceiving the voters of New York's 3rd District about his qualifications, work background, and lived experience. His continued presence in the House is a disservice to and disrespect of the people of Long Island.

He must resign and give voters a chance to choose a representative who is honest about who they are.

Santos's litany of lies is too long to recount: false claims that he is the descendant of Holocaust survivors, fabrications about his education and past employment, glaring gaps about his finances, and more. His excessive campaign spending and the unknown sources of his wealth have also raised flags.

Yet Santos continues to dig himself deeper into a hole, while lashing out and avoiding accountability. And instead of coming clean or focusing on his constituents, he'll now be tied up in investigations by local, state, federal, and international authorities because of the long trail of deception and fraud that's just beginning to be uncovered.

Santos must resign—and if he doesn't, Congress should expel him from office under their constitutionally granted powers.



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