To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Get a little $ back from Wall Street

While the rest of the world is in financial shock, Wall Street continues its' surge of high bonuses, high profits, high pay. Program traders move billions of shares per second. There should be a transaction charge for each share sold, across all trading platforms. There should be a $0.0001 transaction charge on all share trades. Small investors will pay a little, high volume traders will pay more. Funds would go to alleviate debt crisis in US.

Why is this important?

Wall Street was instrumental in getting the rules changed so that they could legally transfer Trillions of dollars of wealth and savings from the people of the US to their Primary Broker Businesses. This is a way to get a small proportion back to the original owners, the people, pensions, and cities of the US.


Reasons for signing

  • t2506n
  • Who are these jokers asking for credit card numbers?
  • It's about time! ( I used the apostrophe correctly here, unlike in the petition wording) Perhaps someone could create t-shirts and bumper-stickers that read "Don't tell me I'm tilting at windmills"