To: The California State House

Get Single-Use PET plastics out of California!

Use AB 1080 to make a real difference in the world. Please get single-use PET plastic out of California.

Why is this important?

We applaud California legislators for continuing to protect the people, land, and waterways from plastic pollution. Tell them they aren't doing enough in State Assembly Bill AB 1080 to combat the real issue at hand: single-use PET plastic.

Source reduction solves nothing in relation to the plastic pollution in our environment. Recycling is not (and never has been) a viable option for 100% reduction of plastics in landfills. The only way to properly work on a solution to the plastics crisis includes a complete ban on single-use PET plastics.

All plastic that has ever been created is still around in some form. According to, "We are producing over 300 million tons of plastic every year, 50% of which is for single-use purposes."

China is no longer a partner in the United States recycling program, and cities all over the country are struggling to find a solution to the plastic pollution crisis. In many places, refuse collection operators burn plastic trash or transport it to landfills.

When plastic is heated to a high enough temperature it becomes a toxic fume. When plastic bottles are transported to landfills, they often end up in waterways and our oceans, ESPECIALLY in California.

We know about the Garbage Island (the size of Texas). We know that California's economy is the fifth largest in the world-- bigger than Great Britain's economy. We know California coasts, rivers, and land are an asset both economically and environmentally. We KNOW Californians can make a worldwide difference, if our legislators will stop the garbage in its tracks.

We must protect all aspects of California, and the only way to really protect California (and the rest of the world from our trash) is through proper legislation that bans the biggest problem in the plastic pollution chain: single-use PET plastic.

Sign this petition to tell all California legislators we want single-use PET plastic included in AB-1080. OUT by 2030!