To: Sylvia Acevedo, Interim Chief Executive Officer, GSUSA

Girl Scouts: Stand with your values! Boycott Trump's inauguration

By marching in Donald Trump's inaugural parade, you are failing to live up to GSUSA's values. Please do not make Girl Scouts of the USA party to normalizing racism, misogyny, and fascism. Do not march in the inaugural parade.

Why is this important?

I was a Girl Scout growing up, and now I lead a Junior troop. I've been these girls' leader since they were 5-year-old Daisies, and it has been a rich, rewarding, and loving experience for me.

I’m heartbroken to learn that GSUSA will be participating in the presidential inauguration this year. Donald Trump has repeatedly made statements that are not only antithetical to everything GSUSA purports to value, but which are directly harmful to women and girls.

Tradition is not a justification for normalizing Donald Trump and his blatant misogyny. Just this week, nearly 60 members of Congress have announced they will not attend the inauguration. We aren't required to do things just because we've done them in the past. What we ARE required to do, as Girl Scouts, is live by the Girl Scout Law.

You are failing to live by your law, GSUSA.

Donald Trump has proven at every opportunity that he lacks even the most basic respect for women and girls.

Traditions that hurt our girls must be broken. We look to you to model courage, confidence, and character and pull out of the inaugural parade.