To: Scott Turner, Federal Reserve staff, Vice President for Community Affairs and Ben Bernake, Federal Reserve Board

Give Samoa some Credit! Keep Bank of Hawaii from pulling out of American Samoa!

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Bank of Hawaii's proposed closure of all of its Samoan offices is potentially devastating to American Samoa's economy - not only because it is the largest lender in Samoa, but also because it is the best way for Samoans living outside the territory to send money home!

What's worst about this is that Bank of Hawaii purchased the Bank of Samoa so they took away our own Bank, and now they are threatening to leave us with no bank!

Some people in Samoa did not get their notice of closure in a timely way and so it took us a while to respond to it. Please give us a hearing and let us make our case about why the Bank should stay!

Why is this important?

We are writing to request a Federal Reserve Hearing about the effects of the proposed closure of Bank of Hawaii - the only US bank in the territory. Please don't close our Bank without a hearing!