To: President Donald Trump, Terry Canales (TX-40), Judith Zaffirini (TX-21), Pete Flores (TX-19), José Menéndez (TX-26), José Rodríguez (TX-29), The Texas State House, The Texas State Senate, Governor Greg Abbott, Rep. Henry Cuellar (TX...

Give the land Rights back to the Carrizo/Comecrudo Nation of the Texas

Open coal mining has destroyed the sacred lands along with the selling of natural resources to foreign powers. The practices of disturbing burials and village sites, threatening the medicine and other Ancestral Artifacts must end..
Fracking, Open Coal Mining , Trans Pecos Pipelines threaten the Water Ways which are sacred and once forded by the Carrizo/Comecrudo.
The Carrizo/Comecrudo Tribe of Texas says no more to the abuse of their Ancestral Lands and request the lands, and all property rights, mineral rights and land rights be returned to the Nation of the Carrizo/Comercrudo

Why is this important?

The Carrizo/comecrudo have been a part of Texas since its inception and before first Contact and are continuously ignored and marginalized, treated as if their lands are up for grabs. We only request that the Land and Land rights be returned to the Tribe.


Reasons for signing

  • Get back our land
  • The Carrizo/Comecrudo people are the original owners of this land. Please give back what is rightfully theirs!
  • Respect des terres sucrées !