To: Maria Barnes, Chairman of the City Council, Joe Mautino, Vice Chairman of the City Council, Jack Henderson, City Councilor, Rick Westcott, City Councilor, Roscoe Turner, City Councilor, Chris Trail, City Councilor, John Eagleton, City Co...

Give Tulsans the Right to Occupy!

Allow members of the Occupy Tulsa movement to peacefully assemble and protest without insurance, permits, and curfews.

Why is this important?

Allow the 99% of citizens in Tulsa to have a voice without worrying about arrests! Give us the right to peacefully assemble and occupy a public area without permits, insurance, and curfews.

To donate to this cause or for more information please visit or text "occupytulsa" to 443322.


Reasons for signing

  • Allow OCCUPY members to assemble peacefully as it is their right to do so.
  • I cannot believe we still have to struggle for freedom. Shame
  • This group supports liberty and the basic freedoms supported by our constitution. Anyone who thinks otherwise should get a copy and read it.