To: Google and Alphabet, Inc.

Google: Stop funding Breitbart

Google: remove Breitbart and other white nationalist extremist sites from default advertising placement list and completely remove these hateful sites from ad services.

Why is this important?

After an uproar over placement of ads on extremist Youtube videos leading some of Google’s largest advertisers to walk away, the company announced this week that it would bolster its policies to address hate speech.

But it doesn’t go far enough. Google Adwords is the largest and most prominent ad network on Breitbart, the alt-right ‘news’ site of Steve Bannon and his white nationalist followers.

And the company still lets neo-nazi sites get away with incitement of violence towards marginalized groups of people. Recently, a self-proclaimed white supremacist stabbed a Black man with a sword in Manhattan and admitted to police that it was an intentional hate crime. This same disturbed individual subscribed to numerous white nationalist and anti-feminist Youtube channels.

Over the past few months, the incredible grassroots Sleeping Giants campaign has led thousands of companies, including most major corporations worldwide, to blacklist Breitbart in their Google advertising campaigns. Breitbart is by far the most advertiser-blocked website of all time.

And yet, Google continues to place advertisers’ brands on Breitbart by default. Not only is Google failing to protect its advertisers, it is also directly funding the most prominent white nationalist website in the world.

This has to stop.

We are calling on Google to remove Breitbart and other white nationalist extremist sites from its default advertising placement list and to completely remove these hateful sites from its ad services.


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