To: Governor Greg Abbott

Governor Abbott: Veto SB 4—Don't turn Texas police into Trump's deportation force

Senate Bill 4 is a dangerous, unconstitutional, and anti-immigrant bill that would turn local law enforcement into Trump's deportation force. It would require sheriffs to hold immigrants in their jails for deportation, and it would allow police across Texas to conduct "show me your papers" searches. Gov. Abbott, veto SB 4.

Why is this important?

Texas Governor Greg Abbott plans to sign SB 4—the most dangerous anti-immigration bill in the country—into law in the coming days.

It could become law, unless we speak out and fight this bill every step of the way.

SB 4 obligates local law enforcement to detain people (even unlawfully) for the federal government, and it prohibits localities from imposing restrictions on collaboration with ICE. The bill even criminalizes local elected officials, like me, who stand up for our communities. But most of all, this legislation would terrorize communities of color and turn our local police into Trump's deportation force.

That's why I joined a group of clergy, elected officials, and communities in a staged sit-in at Gov. Abbott's office to oppose this legislation.

I know how painful immigration raids are to our communities.

During one of the ruthless immigration raids that hit Austin earlier this year, I sat in a constituent's living room. Earlier that day, immigration officers had knocked on this family's door. The children were confused, terrorized, and thought they were going to lose their parent. That is a trauma that will stay with them. Now Republican politicians have decided they want our children to experience this terror and trauma every time they see a police officer.

But today's action at the governor's office—and your signature on this petition—is proof that many of us across Texas and the country are declaring that we refuse to betray our community. We will fight this legislation in the courts, in our halls of government, and by organizing in our communities.

It will take all of us standing up and speaking to stop this legislation and protect our communities. I hope you’ll work with us to stop Senate Bill 4, because we need you.


Reasons for signing

  • Can I ask for my Governor Abbott approval first.
  • This is a hateful, discriminatory bill.
  • stop tearing families apart and start supporting economic opportunities for living wage jobs and affordable housing for all Texans.

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