To: The California State House, The California State Senate, and Governor Gavin Newsom

Gov. Brown & CA State Assembly Members: Fix the State's Deficit by Raising Taxes! No More Cuts!

End the CA budget deficit by solving the revenue problem. Bring about true shared sacrifice and increase taxes on the top 3% of Californians and the corporations. Extend the tax revenues as they were established in 2009. Stop the proposed program cuts in CA. Protect CA working families and the state's education system.

Why is this important?

Deep program cuts will halt our economic recovery and escalate already high unemployment rates in the state, especially in the CA Central Valley where unemployment rates already exceed 16%. CSU and UC systems have already been hit with $1 billion dollars in cuts earlier this year, and without a sensible budget they could face $15 billion more in cuts. We have a revenue problem. Tax extensions must be passed and taxes increased on the top 3%. The CA State Assembly and Gov. Brown can stop these cuts, allow the tax extensions and allow tax increases that will solve our budget deficit. We're calling on our elected officials, to stand up for CA working families, stop the program cuts, protect our state education system and solve the budget deficit.