To: Governor Gavin Newsom

Gov. Brown: Sign AB 1461 California's New Motor Voter Act Today

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Please sign AB 1461, the New Motor Voter Act, to modernize voter registration in California today. An estimated 6.6M citizens in California are not currently registered to vote, this bill can make a difference if you sign it into law. Thank you.

Why is this important?

Update 10/10/15: Victory! Governor Brown signed AB 1461 the New Motor Voter Act into law today.

AB 1461 passed the Assembly and Senate, and awaits Governor Brown's signature, there are just a few days left for him to sign it (October 11 is the last day). Staff in his office are telling callers that he hasn't made up his mind on this bill yet.

This bill would automatically register to vote any citizen who gets or updates a drivers license in California. (Much easier than the current process, which has extra paperwork.) An estimated 6.6M citizens in California are not currently registered to vote. This bill could make a difference, and Governor Brown needs to hear from you now that you support it. These signatures are being sent directly to the Governor's office, and also to Assemblywoman Gonzalez, one of the authors of the bill.


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  • Great idea
  • Dear Governor Brown, I have studied and followed you since a young student at Berkeley. I believe you should and you will sign this bill. It is the right thing to do and I know you will sign. All the best.