To: The New York State House, The New York State Senate, and Governor Andrew Cuomo

Gov. Cuomo & NYS Legislators: Yes, we're losing our homes. No, the tax cap will NOT help.

Lead with equitable tax policy for all New Yorkers.

Why is this important?

NYS homeowners will learn soon enough that unless you accompany the tax levy cap with true local tax relief, and seriously address mandates and other sources of rising costs, the only way is out - out of New York.

Pay for Circuit Breaker relief with extension of the Millionaire's tax on true millionaires. Or, re-direct the $1.5 billion property tax revenues - realized by rescinding middle-class STAR - to Circuit Breaker legislation before the legislature right now.

Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers paid 10-50 percent of their income in property taxes this year, last year and the year before. A tax cap, whatever its merits, assures annual increases in those tax bills. The ranks of the overly taxed will grow as the recession continues.

NYS's problem is NOT state income tax - or maybe it is. When you and those before you say, "No new taxes," you're talking state income taxes. We at the local level know what follows: increased local taxes.

Yes, rein in costs with mandate reform, healthcare reform and intelligent policy - but do something NOW that will honestly help the middle-class stay in their homes and in New York.

Please, lead with the facts and good public policy for all.