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To: Gov. DeSantis

Gov. DeSantis - RESTORE COVID Data Transparency in FL!

Gov. DeSantis - RESTORE COVID Data Transparency in FL!

The Florida Department of Health reported 73,199 new cases for the week ending July 21st. The positivity rate is 15.1% for this past week.

45,605 newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 during the week ending Thursday, July 15. The postivity rate for the week ending July 15th was 11%.

This is an alarming trend.

We need transparency in the data.
We need to know how many daily new cases are in our counties, city, and state as a whole. We need to know how many local, county and state hospitalizations and deaths are occurring daily - not a week behind.

We should not be flying blind during a surge that has Florida making headlines all over the United States.

When Gov. DeSantis stopped the daily reporting on June 4th, the reasoning given by his Press Secretary was that, “COVID-19 cases have significantly decreased over the past year as we have a less than 5% positivity rate, and our state is returning to normal, with vaccines widely available throughout Florida.”

Just over a month from June 4th, cases started to rise and have continued to rise exponentially and we are over double digits for positivity rate. This is NOT normal. Hospitals are crowded and overwhelmed again, and community spread is rampant. Because of the lack of daily data, the community is not being properly informed.

We are now at a point where real-time information is not only necessary, but critical to helping us understand where hot-spots are and where to raise the level of alert within our communities.

As of July 15th, nearly one-in-five of the nation’s new COVID-19 infections are from Florida and numbers are going up faster than any time since June of 2020. Real time data is crucial in order for individuals, businesses, schools, and communities to make informed choices so we can help stop the spread and begin to set our sights on lowering the positivity rate.

We can no longer operate on data this is a week behind.

Sign this petition to let Gov. DeSantis hear that WE, THE PEOPLE of the state of FL -the constituents HE serves, want transparency in the data...and we deserve that for our own safety and the safety and well-being of our friends, family, co-workers, students, and our communities as a whole.

Pass it on!

Why is this important?

By having access to real-time data regarding the spread of COVID-19 in our local communities and within the state as a whole, we are able to make informed choices for ourselves, our families, our businesses, our schools, and our community as a whole.
COVID-19 rapidly spreading and impacting every facet of our lives also impacts our economy. Everything is connected. By having access to this data, we not only have the opportunity to make wiser choices (which will save lives), but it will also help us get back to a safer baseline where normalcy is more attainable and economic impact is lessened.



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